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Daniel Britten


Kelly O’Reilly-Ward


Michelle Barnett


Robert Veitch


We’re proud to have such a young progressive accountant on our team of directors. Coralie prides herself in keeping up with the latest changes in Xero, other accounting software and new technology as she is passionate about delivering maximum results and efficiency for her clients businesses. However at the end of the day, it’s the personal interaction with satisfied clients that matters the most to her. With a wealth of qualifications and due to consistently going above and beyond for her clients, she has earned their trust and respect. Coralie’s expertise is the commercial sector.

Brought up in Taupo, Dan spent a number of years overseas and in Auckland developing a career in corporate banking, financial analysis, and business development. Dan moved back to Taupo in 2010 and loves working closely with some of Strettons larger clients. Dan’s specialist skills are helping businesses that have a real passion for growth and owners that are truly invested in their business and acknowledge the need to set goals and be accountable for achieving these goals. He also works along side a number of Māori Trusts to help bring structure and loves helping analyse new business opportunities.

Committed to growth in the rural sector, Kelly is an experienced farm accountant with a passion for the dairy industry. Having been born and bred on a farm, and now living and invested in a large scale dairy farm, Kelly knows first hand what a farmer’s life entails. Kelly has the knowledge, experience, and desire to help and encourage her farming clients to take the next steps in their farming journeys. She is also an expert, and can provide training, in Figured.
Another of our local Directors, Michelle and her family are committed to the Taupo region with her young family attending local schools. Michelle’s qualifications and expertise reflect her passion for taxation and foreign investment. Michelle’s expertise is in various different areas of the commercial sector, one of which being tourism. She enjoys helping her clients within this industry and supports tourism and the benefits this brings to both the Taupo and New Zealand economy. Michelle leads our Xero team where she is always looking at ways to improve client systems.
Another of our talented young Directors, Rob and his family are well known within Taupo. Rob has a passion to ensure the viability of the region, both at work and out of the office. His accounting areas of expertise are in the farming and commercial sectors.

Our Team members are the heart & soul of our business. They come from a range of backgrounds and bring diverse skills and expertise to Strettons.

Allison Kunz

Company & Trust Administrator

(07) 376 1708

Greg Willars

IT & Systems Manager

(07) 376 1756

Jasmine Robinson

Accounting Support

(07) 376 1759

Kylie Smith

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1700

Sally Dunne

Executive Assistant

(07) 376 1719

Tania Abel

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1718

Ann Snowdon

Client Services Advisor

(07) 376 1707

Elizabeth Smith

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1720

Habib Malik

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1727

Liska Sutton

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1751

Sheryl Duncan

Administration Assistant

(07) 376 1705

Charlotte Mann

Client Services Manager

(07) 376 1721

Garth Robinson

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1701

Jacob Liddle

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1724

Julia Hayman

Property Manager / Executive Assistant

(07) 376 1716

Liz Hone

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1735

Monica Natta

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1728

Corinne Cushing

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1729

Jan Cradock

Tax Administrator

(07) 376 1747

Kelly Perrins

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1734

Lynette Cole

Client Services Advisor

(07) 376 1743

Gillian Cleland

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1715

Janine de Kock

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1744

Kristina Kirk

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 0383

Maree Ede

Client Services Advisor

(07) 376 1755

Robyn O'Brien

Māori Trust Administrator

(07) 376 1717

Susana Sembrano

Accounting Advisor

(07) 376 1745

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