Wealth & Risk Management

We have partnered with Tailored NZ to provide a comprehensive wealth and Risk management service that is tailored to each individuals situation. To find out more talk to us or check out this link https://www.tailorednz.co.nz/


Our Services

Tailorednz (Taupo) Limited takes a comprehensive approach to wealth and risk management. Like a strategic game of chess, we consider the positions and capabilities of each piece of the board and are capable of thinking several moves ahead. It's an approach that allows us to identify and understand precisely what's important to you. It's an approach that delivers advice tailored to you and your circumstances. Each client receives a plan suited to their goals, cash flow needs and risk tolerance. The advice we provide is actionable and makes sense. Our solutions reflect industry best practice - so they more than meet not only today's legal obligations but tomorrow's.

What this means for you is that you can relax. Our process will help you put your whole financial house in order. And we'll help you keep it that way, regularly reviewing your risk and rebalancing your portfolio where needed.

Financial Planning

Tailored solutions to help you manage your financial affairs including Estate Planning: Wealth management & Protection: Succession Planning: including ACC.

Retirement Planning

Tailored solutions that will protect you assets and allow you to both enjoy your retirement and pass on your wealth to future generations.

Wealth Protection

Tailored solutions to help you achieve you goals and ensure your wealth is securely insulated.

Key person risk assessment

Tailored assessment of the risk of lowing key people to the success of your business and the insurance solutions available to offset your potential loss.

Life, disability and medical insurance advice

Tailored indepth assessment of your actual risks so that you don't waste time and money insuring risks of low significance.

Talk to us today about how you can build your wealth and protect your future.

A disclosure statement is available on request, free of charge.

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